11/29 QA:检查并提升过攻坚战的收益

发布时间:2015/11/30 08:26:38 来源:贴吧 作者:daikabbs

  - the Domination mode profitability was reviewed and increased


  - the issues coming from pressing alt+Q in the game at the same time were not fixed by the micropatch


  - the issue where the HDD is constantly swapping in the game reading textures can be mitigated by reducing the visual effect quality in settings


  - the bug where pressing alt didn't activate the alternative minimap icon vehicle descriptions was fixed


  - Japanese TD's and Italian vehicles? "No comment"


  - developers are not concerned that the better conditions of Blitz gameplay would steal WoT players


  - serverside replays will not come in 2016


  - Storm on ghost shells: "The ghost shell issue is vastly overblown. From 20 reports we receive for examination, only 1 or 2 are valid. This problem is as old as the game itself. There were no changes that would make this problem worse. We aren't seeing any increase of report frequency in this patch"


  - developers will not publish any details about the game core architecture regarding the ghost shells, because these details could be used negatively against Wargaming


  - there are multiple smaller issues with the game UI and game overall (for example the panel where XP and damaged modules are shown isn't working properly), that are right now pretty hard to fix due to the "Rubikon" fuckup because all the deadlines went to hell and developers are under a lot of pressure. Some of the annoying but non-critical bugs will be fixed in the next patch, which will come relatively soon.


  - developers will be reconsidering the patch release frequency


  - Storm on the player concern that the bugs and issues in WoT are reaching critical level "Yea but there are no more new problems. Strictly speaking there is no more increase to the amount of problems as such. The bad thing is that the old problems aren't getting fixed and player patience is not endless. I hope along with you that the situation will improve. I will personally put all the effort in this direction."


  - Storm on being asked how he ses the arty issues as the main game designer: "I am not the main game designer. We have however described the way the solutions will happen earlier: we will experiment with some additional mechanics: smoke shells, artillery warning, illumination shells allowing arty to spot, crew suppression after being hit, parameter rebalance (damage, accuracy, reload, aimtime), it's even possible we will try to introduce some fixes to the matchmaker. No details yet. When we finish working on prototypes and there is more info available, then it will be possible to publish something. We are already working on these things."


  - the complaints about the Swamp map (A4 sector, some stones blocking the way), developers can't find any issue there yet


  - the reported issue where in Domination after a respawn the autoaim is not working could not be replicated by developers


  - FV4202 marathon in 9.13? "No comment"


  - developers have the situation with the T34 roof (allegedly too big a weakspot) under control


  - the fact Kolohousenka didn't appear in the common test was a bug


  - some players are annoyed by the Chinese 113 tank buff, the developers see no reason for the annoyance, buff is sufficient


  - the balance department developers are playing WoT a lot


  - the developers are confused by T 50/51 feedback - some claim it's overpowered, some that it's too weak

  对于捷克线10级车T 50/51的反馈意见把开发人员搞糊涂了,有人说这车太强,有人说太渣。

  - the KV-5 armor was overbuffed, the rear hull armor will be reverted to the old level


  - D-10T was not changed in the test, the penetration of LB-1 and LB-1S guns however was increased to 183mm due to use of different shells


  - there will be no FPS optimization (the issue of FPS drop after spotting an enemy) in 9.13 - 9.13 will bring a number of fixes for the previous patch, new content and some tank rebalancing, no other fixes are planned


  - T29 mantlet was not nerfed, the description (numbers) in the garage is bugged. 279mm stays


  - developers are removing maps from WoT based on RU public voting in past three months


  - Fyord map was removed because the gameplay on it was considered poor


  - RU players are "hysterical" about the IS-6 armor nerf in HD - Storm states that there are no significant armor nerfs in HD, the only thing is the bugged turret ring (too weak from the front, will be fixed)